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Margaritaville Heading To The Big Apple In 2020

Dorathy Gass

It’s five o’clock, somewhere right? Well, in months residents and tourists to NYC won’t need any excuse to indulge in some margarita fun. Some exciting news for New York City has been revealed: reports indicate that Margaritaville is heading to Big Apple come 2020, in the form of a new resort.

As per Margaritaville Holdings, the new hotel will hit 560 Seventh Avenue, mere streets away from some the city’s biggest attractions. With 234 rooms in a 29-story structure, the resort is an estimated $300-million-dollar project that is sure to gain a lot of attention once completed.
Moreover, it will be filled with a number of Margaritaville-inspired beverage and food concepts, including a bar and grill located on the rooftop, St. Somewhere Spa, a pool, lounge areas, as well as retail space, and so much more.

CEO of Margaritaville, John Cohlan chimed in on the new resort in New York City by noting that Margaritaville brings relaxation, fun, and escape from everyday life, whether you are talking about the Great Smoky Mountains, to the Florida beaches, to Seventh Avenue and 40th Street. He added that the new resort hotel and experience that Margaritaville brings complements the fast-paced and exciting energy that Times Square brings. Cohlan noted that his company can’t wait to bring Margaritaville to the residents and tourists of New York City.

Travelaweek recently reported that in collaboration with F&B venues and International Meal Company (IMC) a Margaritaville Restaurant, 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar, LandShark Bar & Grill Floridays Airstream Café, and the all-new Chill Bar will be some interesting concepts that guests at NYC’s Margaritaville resort can enjoy.

These are all the details that have been revealed so far. Expect additional information to fall down the pipe as construction begins. Opening day is being reported as late 2020, so fans of Margaritaville need to stay tuned.