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Man Runs On Tarmac To Catch Flight

Dorathy Gass

Whether you fly frequently or occasionally, for business or pleasure, one thing is for sure: missing a flight is a major concern for any traveler.

Well recently, a man flying to Gran Canaria from Madrid, Spain refused to be placed on the left behind list. Taking matters into his own hands, the passenger on a Ryanair flight was close to missing said plane, until he did the unthinkable: that is, jumping off an airport bridge, onto the tarmac, with his luggage. He then began running towards a service vehicle, that seemingly was denying him a ride. The frantic traveler then ran forward to the Ryanair aircraft. Interestingly enough, the plane the man was running towards wasn’t the plane he needed to board.

To make matters worse as reported by the Huffington Post, the Madrid-Barajas airport was on an anti-terror alert at the time, at the second-highest level it could be placed on.

The man was allowed to board his correct flight, however was arrest by police upon his arrival to Gran Canaria.
How did the man even get to being on that airport bridge in the first place? It turns out he pushed right through the fire escape, onto the bridge, and then simply jumped down. While the flyer had a boarding pass and went through security with no issues, it seems he got ambushed at the terminal, so the plane had boarded and closed the gate before he could get over there.

And while the airport alarm did go off, by the time the Civil Guard reached that part of the airport, the man was already allowed on his missed plane.

Sure, many travelers running late have thought of doing this exact same thing – it seems to be apparently be a first of this specific airport.

The man was released from custody after some questioning, however, he could be faced with a pretty hefty fine when all is said and done. Seems light he may have gotten off, lightly. Not only did the stunt place the airport’s larger security in jeopardy, and caused a lot of commotion for both security personnel and the police; it also could have resulted in injury for the man – or anyone in and around the area.

It has been said that the beaches of Gran Canaria are breathtaking; still, it may be worth not risking life and limb to be late for the sight-seeing party, versus jumping off an airport bridge to catch a plane. Just saying …