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What Make San Francisco a Great Place to Visit

Nora Hughes

San Francisco is a great place to visit and it doesn’t have a shortage of great qualities. There are plenty of reasons why it should be on your list of places to vacation. It’s a city of less than a million people and while it’s on the coast it is home to world-class restaurants, fairs, museums, and festivals. It’s a gorgeous city with plenty of different forms of entertainment that is sure to please most every taste. It’s listed as one of the best cities to ever live in so imagine what it must be like to visit there for a vacation.

There are many things to look at in regards to what makes a city great for vacationing. We have to look at leisure activities such as restaurants, parks, museums and bars. San Francisco was ranked number six as one of the best places for leisure activities. You can’t deny the numbers when they have a ton of food trucks, restaurants and festivals that include a jazz festival, literary festival and many fairs that go all the way up until October. The fairs come in a plenty and every months has a few varieties so festivals and fairs are high season in San Francisco. The views in San Francisco are absolutely stunning and are seen by over 130,000 tourists every day. There are many events to attend and a wide variety of things for any number of people to do. The tourists line the streets in masses so it can feel like an incredibly busy “vibey” place to be.

We can’t forget the amazing art scene that is a large part of San Francisco. One great places to visit is the de Young Museum which is home to many famous works. It’s a large establishment that makes for a full day of browsing great artwork. There are also many local art studios that will bring you new artists that can liven up anyone’s home decor. If you like supporting local art then that’s the place to be. There is a free art walk in the Central Market neighborhood which has been working really hard to bring art to challenged areas in San Francisco. It’s an event that happens every year and it has been making large advancements throughout the community.

It is also one of the safest cities to visit and was ranked second and forth as the safest cities in the world, that being Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. Probably because both of those areas have naval facilities that have both retired and active military professionals that live there.