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Make 2015 Your Year to Travel Without Breaking the Bank

Jaclyn Hughes

There are very few people in the world that claim they have zero interest in traveling the globe.  Most are eager to explore, learn about new cultures, and have experiences they simply cannot obtain at home. Traveling builds a person to be extraordinary; it allows you to see the world through various viewpoints, to live amongst locals in countries vastly different from yours, and to show you what success and struggle look like through locals in different countries. The biggest thing stopping most from traveling as they would like to, is finances; it just isn’t affordable for all.  Or is it?

According to experts, the best tip to achieve frugal miles around the world is to remain flexible. Take for example, booking flights- if you can manage to create a vacation week out of the flights that are on sale during certain nonpeak travel times, you’ll start saving a ton on your travel ambitions. Hotels usually run congruent with the flight fares, they are both cheaper out of holiday seasons.  The ideal timeframe for flight purchases is typically a few months in advance. Waiting until the last possible minute is only going to cost you in most cases, and always ensure you’ve scoured the web to get the lowest airfare prices.

If you’re traveling alone or as a couple, have you looked into booking a hostel versus a hotel? Hotels are luxurious and cozy, but they are also pricey and you may not even need all of the amenities that you’re paying for booking a room. Hostels on the other hand, allow you to save usually over 60% in price over hotels and can be found in cities all over the world. It will give you more of a community lodging experience, and also provides you with a more localized feel for the cities you visit. Most people make friends at hostels and stay in touch for years!

In the event you wish to travel around a particular city and see lots of buildings and landmarks, look into purchasing a pass that covers your admission to several venues for a low price. In some cities they also provide venue buses to get you to and from the landmarks or museums to make the most of your budget. Another amazing tip is to seek all of your dining at eateries outside of the tourist sections. For example, purchase your meals away from the massive landmarks or historical pit stops that attract thousands of visitors each day. The reason for this is to avoid pricey, marked up food just because of its physical proximity to a tourist stop. Just by using your smartphone or iPad’s GPS you can do a simple search and locate food options nearby to head to.

Use coupons wherever possible, even online in the form of booking promotional codes as well as food coupons found locally when you arrive at your destination. If you do your homework online and prepare months in advance, you’ll find traveling is affordable so get your passport ready!