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Who Made America’s ‘Best BBQ’ List?

Dorathy Gass

When the weather warms up, so do the grills across the United States, and there is nothing that can spark a more heated debate across this great nation, than trying to compile a list of best BBQ restaurants in America. However, travel website did just that recently, listing the top ten establishments for Bar-B-Que lovers to travel to this summer, to get their BBQ cravings satisfied. In addition, the site also ranked the top ten states to travel to, if you are BBQ lover.

Amongst the many BBQ joints across the country that CNN reflected on, how in the world was TripAdvisor able to narrow the list down to just ten? The site began by compiling a list of American BBQ restaurants that had at least 100 reviews on their website; and they were listed on the basis of volume, and quality of what was written. Priority was given to those BBQ spots where reviews were written in the last year, and restaurant chains (of more than ten locations across the country) were not added to the list.

When everything was said, done, and compiled, a joint in Blue Ridge, Georgia, known simply as, ‘Joe’s BBQ’ was crowned as the top BBQ spot in America for 2015. Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que in Kansas City came in second; and St. Louis’ Bogart’s Smokehouse was listed at number three. Others included in the 2015 top ten list, according to TripAdvisor, include: Reuben’s Smokehouse in Fort Myers, Florida, ranked fourth; Andy Nelson’s Southern Pit BBQ in Cockeysville, Maryland hit the fifth spot; Captain’s BBQ in Palm Coast, Florida ranked sixth; HogsHead Café in Richmond, Virginia grabbed the number seven spot; number eight went to Buck’s Smokehouse in Destin, Florida; Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas hit the number nine spot; and St. Louis’ Pappy’s Smokehouse slid in at number ten, grabbing the final spot on the list.

The website also ranked the best states when it came to BBQ, looking again at the number of reviews, and the quality rating for BBQ restaurants. TripAdvisor also reviewed the numbers and percentage rates of dining establishments that were listed as BBQ restaurants, and priority was given to those reviews that had been written this year. As such, Tennessee was ranked as the number state for BBQ, under TripAdvisor’s review. The entire top ten list of BBQ states (according to TripAdvisor), is below:

1. Tennessee
2. Texas
3. Missouri
4. North Carolina
5. Georgia
6. Florida
7. South Carolina
8. California
9. Virginia
10. New York