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Luxury Airplane Cabin That Would Give Anyone “First-Class Envy”

Dorathy Gass

Everyone who travels on coach (regularly or otherwise), will, at times, get a tinge of jealous when walking through the first-class section to their seats, for the most part. One might experience a little “air rage”, which according to recent study, occurs to many; and is close to four times more likely to happen on those flights that have a first-class area.

Well, if you find yourself suffering from a little first-class envy, now and again when it comes to flying the friendly skies, then we warn you: proceed with caution when reading the rest of this article. The national air carrier of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Etihad Airways, has recently developed and debuted private first-class apartments on their Airbus A380. These luxurious cabins are decadently donned with a bed, complimentary loungewear, a leather armchair, and shower (for those who simply cannot wait for landing, when it comes to freshening up).

In fact, lucky YouTube sensation, Eddie Khoo, was able to enjoy this very experience, while he reviewed these cabins during an Etihad Airways flight, to Abu Dhabi, UAE from Sydney Australia. The YouTuber, who is known for sharing his travel experiences via these web videos, captured everything, from the free champagne, to showering in the sky. If you have ever felt the rage over the coach “walk of shame”, you just may lose your marbles watching this YouTube video.

As it seems, passengers to this first-class experience are walked to their apartments, and given a free glass of champagne upon arrival. The leather sofa in the apartment can also be turned into a bed. The bathroom, with first-class written all over it, has a shower (as mentioned); but Khoo does state, the shower head is not adjustable (oh, the torture of it all).

Passengers of this first-class flight are privy to a meal, with multiple courses, that can satisfy even the most finicky tastes; and each course ends with a palate cleanser and an amuse-bouche.

MSN reports that after the dinner is done, champagne has been enjoyed, and in-flight entertainment has been exhausted, the flight attendant comes along, to make your bed … perhaps even puff up a pillow or two. No bedtime stories or tuck ins though; gotta draw the line somewhere!

For those in coach, struggling for foot space, getting kicked from behind, while trying to store your carry-on luggage in the small compartments they provide; this first-class cabin, just might simply be a dream that is unattainable.

But, try not to be bitter about it … there are bigger things in life to envy over, rather a luxurious first-class flight.