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No Luggage? No Problem! Delta Develops New Tracking Process

Dorathy Gass

Most frequent flyers have fallen victim to an air carrier losing their luggage, at one point in time. But what if technology could help track where your suitcases were; ensuring a bag would never get lost again?

Sounds pretty unbelievable, but Delta is hoping to accomplish just that, with their brand-spanking-new (and innovative!) lost luggage tracking system. Announced last week, Delta Air Lines is launching a new technology-driven process based around something known as radio frequency identification (RFID).

The idea is, Delta will be replacing paper tags on luggage with RFID tags. As luggage is laid on conveyor belts, an electronic device will capture the radio signal shooting off from each RFID tag. It will cross-reference the tag from a data base, to ensure the luggage belongs on the appropriate flight. Should the signal on the tag not match the flight, a red light will appear while the bag is on, the conveyor belt will halt, and a baggage handler will be instructed to remove the luggage, and locate its proper plane.

The interesting thing about this new process, is the fact that it can be used for oh-so-much more than just lost luggage. If a flyer needs to get off a flight, and re-board another plane; the RFID tag system will make it easier to find their luggage, in a mass pile of other bags, and help streamline the process of re-boarding.

CNN reports that the second largest air carrier in the world promises the new RFID tags process will be launched in over 300 airports, by the end of August 2016. The new process will not only save the company time, but also money due to mis-routed and lost luggage.

The new system is expected to give Delta a 99.9% accuracy rate of properly-routed luggage, which is now in and around 95%.