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Is There A “Lost Luggage” Heaven?

Dorathy Gass

Who hasn’t lost their luggage at some point in their traveling career? It’s happened to everyone who flies frequently at one point or another. When this does occur, it can cause a lot of stress and place a huge dent in your business or vacation plans. More often than not, after the incident reports have been filed, lost luggage can find their way to an owner while they are at their destination point. Other times, especially if the trip is a short one, a lost bag will be waiting for you at home.

MSN reported that frequent travelers will sometimes place a ribbon or something on their bag handle; to distinguish it from the rest parading on the luggage handler. In this day and age, luggage can all look the same and it is easier to spot a bright trinket on your bag, versus black luggage that look like everyone else’s on the plane.

But, what happens to those sad suitcases that never get reclaimed or recovered by their owners? According to the Daily Telegraph, there is a law that warrants airports in the United Kingdom to keep lost baggage around until at least 90 days.

But what happens after the approximate three months is up?

Auction! Auction! Auction!

It seems that airports are able to donate lost luggage that have not been returned to local auction houses. In fact, south London’s Greasbys receives quite a few bags now and again. Still, why some might wonder about the cool items that await inside these bags, turns out it tends to be a lot of dirty clothes.

Other auction houses who get donated, unclaimed, luggage include: Wellers, Auctioneers, and Bristol Commercial Valuers. It’s important to remember, while some unwanted bags may be considered one’s trash … they can also be another’s treasure. That is, if one does not mind digging through someone’s unwanted to luggage, and dirty clothes, to find that gem in the rough.
Turns out, there is a heaven for lost luggage.