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Los Cabos Shows Strong Visitation Increase For 2017

Dorathy Gass

The Los Cabos Tourism Board and the Hotel Association recently revealed that the area saw an increase by six percent when it came to hotel visits throughout this past summer (June-August), versus last year during the same time. And the overall figures around tourism and travel look very good for the entire year.

These numbers point to the fact that Los Cabos continues to see an increase of 20 percent when it comes to visitors, year-after-year, since 2015. From January to September of this year, Los Cabos has seen just over 17 percent in growth when it came to passenger arrivals when compared to last year this time. Numbers around international visitation has also increased at just over 17 percent during the same period.

Travelweek reported that the Managing Director for Los Cabos Tourism, Rodrigo Esponda chimed on this data by saying that the numbers send a strong message that the area continues to be attractive for both tourists and investors looking to enjoy the unique opportunities and experiences Los Cabos offers. He went on to say that Los Cabos’ economy is almost driven entirely by tourism and that they are quite focused on elements that matter most to today’s tourist, moreover securing peace of mind, people, and experiences when they travel.

Due to a wave of natural disasters that negatively impacted some top destinations, Los Cabos is unique in that spectrum where new data shows that seven of ten visitors end up repeating travel to this region. Ninety percent of visitors that come to Los Cabos for the first-time state they would come back.

September is typically slower time for the travel industry and despite the U.S. State Department travel warning, Los Cabos continued to stay resilient. Numbers show a 19 percent jump in hotel occupancy and a continued 70 percent rate around hotel occupancy. Hotel rooms jumped to 16,000 this year from 14,000 in 2014 and 4,000 new rooms are said to be added come 2021.

Los Cabos was also said to have a 29 percent increase as it relates to traveller arrivals, versus the same time last year. Additionally, there has been an increase of 26 percent under the international visitors’ category when compared to last year during this period.

In 2017, Los Cabos has taken serious measures to enhance security across its area, investing in over $47 million (USD) when it comes to an increase in security staff, infrastructure, and equipment.