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Looking For Love? Like To Travel? Think Lounger!

Dorathy Gass

It’s harder than ever to be single in today’s world and find true love. Whether you are busy travelling for business or pleasure, there may be a glimmer of hope to connect to the love of your life; and at an airport of all places.

The new app Lounger, which is being dubbed as the ‘Tinder for frequent fliers’ was launched recently to help people do just this. Created by two avid fliers (Fred Roeder and Jessika Nilsson), the app aims to bring together air travelers within airport lounges. The idea is to help connect these people to meet up, potentially kill a little time while waiting for flights, and maybe even make a love connection.

A free social meeting app, with Lounger a host can invite someone into an airport lounge out of kindness, to get to know someone better, or to even to simply buy someone a drink. For those sitting on the other side of the airport lounge, looking in (or looking for a way in) it also allows you to get to know more about those travelers who are in the lounge. The goal is to help frequent travelers connect in a social way, and if individuals can also find love while on the go – well that is great as well.

Co-founder of Lounger, Jessika Nilsson noted that the idea around the app stemmed from things she picked up at airport lounges while travelling around the globe. As she would people watch, she would notice how much courage it would take for someone to simply walk up to another person and invite them into the lounge; while trying to avoid an awkward situation. MSN reported that Jessica noted that air travel can be lonely, and at times, boring.

The app aims to encourage fellow fliers to socialize, be nicer to strangers, and potentially to help travelers find love.