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Longest-Continual Cruise Boasts 59 Nations In 245 Days

Dorathy Gass

Who wouldn’t want to travel the world via the open seas? Well, you can do just that; however, you’ll have to anti up over $115,000 to do so.

Still, if you want to make history, Viking, a Norwegian cruise line is boasting the world’s longest-continuous cruise, which will hit 59 nations in about 245 days. The ship will leave London in the summer of 2019, and promises to visit countries in every continent, except Antarctica.

Clearly a trip-of-a-lifetime, passengers will start their worldwide travel by the sea at Greenwich, head to the United Kingdom and Norway, then sail across the Atlantic Ocean to Greenland. Passengers can expect a visit to the United States and Canada, making stops in cities like Bermuda, New York City, and Montreal. The cruise will also head to Barbados and then sail down the Amazon river to visit South America. The trip ends with a visit to Portugal and Spain, before heading back to London. reported that some other cities on the itinerary include: China, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Australian, and New Zealand.

The ship itself may seem like a luxury hotel, with eight restaurants, two swimming pools, and a Nordic spa.

Guests can choose from a number of different options accommodation-wise; however, with only 930 spaces available, some have already sold out. The cheapest price tag to enter the ship with a 270-square-foot room is just over $115,000. Still there are penthouse suits that range from over $140,000 to $173,000 and an “Owner’s Suite”, that has its own dining and living room area, along with a private library; this option is already booked, with a price tag of over $336,000 … naturally!

As per, approximately 71% those who love to travel regret missing travel opportunities; however, with this cruise, you could put all those fears of missing anything aside.