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Locals Angered At Women Cooling Off In Rome Fountain

Dorathy Gass

It’s been a hot and steamy summer for many around the world, and as people look for their own unique ways to cool down, it seems three young ladies recently created an uproar in Rome.

Angry Rome residents were outraged, when three bikini-clad females (well, technically two were wearing bikinis, one was in a one-piece) decided to beat the heat, by jumping into a historic fountain within the city. It is believed that all three females were visiting tourists of the city.

Apparently the temperatures that day were approximately 90F (that’s 32C); unbearable to some people’s standards, and the three ladies decided the ideal way to cool off, was jaunting under the fountain waters of Fontana dell’Acqua Paola, located in Rome.

By simply looking at the temperature numbers, it would be hard to resist that water temptation, especially if the ladies had just finished a busy day of site-seeing. However, it is important to note, the baroque fountain is about 400 years old … so it is also understandable at just how offended local Rome residents are. Established in 1612, the fountain is not only rich in history, but was also showcased in the Academy Award-winning movie, The Great Beauty.

Roman has an incredible array of these such fountains, splashed throughout the entire city. The fountains are considered treasures by the residents of the Italian capital, and are architectural attractions for travelers who visit the city, and those who live within it. So much so, that apparently anyone who jumps into these such water fountains (hot temperature or not), can face an up to 200 Euros fine. In fact, in September 2015, in the late hours of the night, six architects from Britain were fined for taking their clothes off and jumping into another water fountain, somewhere within Rome.

MSN reports that perhaps a penalty is sure to follow these three women, as a person watching the entire scene, snapped a shot of the entire incident, and posted it on the web. As such, social media chimed in, with mostly negative comments (as it always does), as Rome residents were upset with the women’s behavior: believing the extreme heat was no excuse to disrespect the city’s fountain in such a manner, and feeling the women’s actions were simply rude.