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Library Hotel Concept To Hit Japan In The Fall

Jaclyn Hughes

Reading enthusiasts rejoice! The newest trend hitting Japan is the library hotel – where you can read the night away – set to launch in the fall of 2015.

Ever wondered what it would be like to stay in a library all night long? Clearly someone in Japan has. Opening this September, the library hotel will be known as “Book and Bed Hotel”; which seems a little catchy, considering most people do read before they go to sleep. MSN reports the hotel will have the look and feel of an average library, publishing house ‘Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers’ have partnered up with the owners of the library hotel to offer all the books and other read materials that will be stacked up within the bookshelves of the library.

In addition, for those expecting to snuggle up into their room once they have found the novel of their choice, it is important to note – while the library will have a vast array of book selections, what they won’t have is any rooms. Yes, you read right: a hotel with no rooms. Rather, those who stay at the library hotel will have to settle in between books and bookshelves amongst the bunks and cabins within the library to get some sleep. Clearly the universal library rule of ‘keeping quiet’ will be in full effect; however any privacy one anticipates having upon arrival, will not be offered. The hotel library does promise curtains to help provide guests a haven for rest.

Opening in Ikebukuro (within the Toshima sector of Tokyo), while no price list has been revealed yet, guests can stay for a night; or even hang out at the library hotel during the day. Japan is known for its kooky concepts when it comes to travel accommodations, with the recent opening of a robot-staffed hotel where tourist speaking English are offered the unique experience of being greeted upon arrival by a robot.