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LAX Unveils ‘Smart’ Washrooms In Terminal 4

Dorathy Gass

From smartphones to smart TVs; it seems like everything in our everyday lives is getting a boost of intelligence, so why should bathrooms be any different?

As of this week, the bathrooms at the Los Angeles International Airport will be that much smarter as LAX, in collaboration with techy companies Tooshlights and Infax, transformed their ‘facilities’ at Terminal 4 into smart restrooms. Passengers flying with Qantas, American Airlines, and American Eagle will be privy to these cutting-edge lavatories aimed to be more efficient, and a little less stinky.

Travelweek recently advised that the pilot program showcases 20 bathroom stalls that have a light system that some may have seen in specific parking garages. Each stall has a smart latch, as well as an indicator light that will flash green when it’s not occupied and red when someone is within. Ambulatory stalls have a blue-light indicator.

No more checking out feet at the bottom of stalls to see if they are empty when nature calls at the airport!

And that’s not all! Reports indicate that the restrooms will be equipped with a digital tracking system that will count how many individuals occupy the bathroom, as well as time between each cleaning; after a specific number of occupancies take place over time, staff are signaled to enter the facility for a good clean.

Chief Experience Officer, LA World Airports, Barbara Yamamoto chimed in on the smart restrooms stating that LAX is quite excited about the boost in technology to help enhance flyer experience, as well as monitoring and servicing the washrooms efficiently at the airport. She went on to note that available and clean restrooms always rank at the top of what flyers want from airport service, and this will allow LAX to hit that goal of delivering exceptional flyer experiences.

Should this pilot program turn out to be a success, the plans are to expand it throughout LAX’s Terminal 4.