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L.A.’s Skyslide Offers Visitors A Daring View Of The City’s Downtown

Dorathy Gass

Los Angeles has created another thrill-seeking reason to visit the city. For travelers heading to L.A. for a taste of celebrity life, or perhaps to take in an attraction or two, it seems they can also get an incredible view of the city’s downtown core, as they plunge down an incredible 305-meter transparent slide, at a 360-degree angle.

Known as Skyslide, the glass slide, which is really more of a glass tube, is located in downtown L.A., outside of the U.S. Bank Tower. Beware though, it’s for the adventurous at heart, or perhaps those who are looking for an awe-inspiring view of L.A. At over 300 meters above ground, those who are thrill seekers will plunge straight down, also gaining an incredible view of a downtown core, while sliding along the ride. Reports of those who have tried the slide, indicate that the plunge is one that shoots straight down, except for a little turn at the beginning that creates quite a scary ‘bump’ for riders at first.

Still, the L.A. attraction is creating quite a stir, and it seems that while the initial slide may cause panic in some riders, as they anxiously wait in line before they first take the first plunge; the attraction is quite addictive, as one of those attraction in life that need to be experienced more than once. Therefore, riders seem to want to try this glass plunge again and again; thus the long line ups at the slide. reported that it’s officially debuting to the general public on July 6th, the Skyslide is approximately 14 meters, that spans from the 69th to the 70th floor of the Bank Tower. Part of a $50 million-dollar renovation plan, the attraction has the slide (of course), as well as an observation deck, and a bar. For those interested in just checking out the sights of L.A., tickets for the deck are $25 per person; It costs an additional eight dollars to fly down the glass slide.