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JetBlue Offered $29 Flights To Acknowledge 2016’s Leap Day

Dorathy Gass

Yes, you read the title correctly, the American airline JetBlue, known for its low cost flights, recently gave their customers a deal, that was worth jumping (or leaping) for joy about. This his past February 2nd, they unveiled a sale, that they referred to as “Book Before You Leap”, which offered JetBlue travelers the opportunity to purchase $29 one-way flights. The only stipulation was that JetBlue flyers would have to travel on Monday, February 29th (also known to many as ‘Leap Day’ … thus the ‘book before you leap’ idea in its title), to obtain the sale price.

These $29 one-way flights included travels from Boston to Seattle, Los Angeles to Florida, or New York City to San Francisco. Any way you sliced it, this made for a pretty incredible airline flash sale; flash sale, because customers were only given the opportunity to book within 24 hours on Tuesday, February 2nd; where the sale ended 11:59 p.m. (EST).

It’s important to note, not every flight within specific destinations made the $29 Leap Day sale price, as travels needed to be booked for a specific time, in order to gain the $29 price. Regardless, the sale was a great way to celebrate a day that only really comes every four years; with a deal that flyers might not see again, for a while.
If you missed out on the Leap Day promotion, but are hoping to find other travel sales from JetBlue for your next flight, MSN advises to visit their TrueBlue page. When visitors sign up, they are sent information regarding the airline’s latest flight sales, routes, and become a part of their loyalty rewards club that helps them earn points towards any kind travel with BlueJet, in the future.