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Infant Born On Plane Gets Free Flights For Life

Jaclyn Hughes

Talk about being at the ‘right place’ at the ‘right time’. An infant recently born during a flight to India from Saudi Arabia is being given a lifetime of free flight from the private Indian carrier, Jet Airways.

MSN reported that the baby was delivered 35,000 feet in the air by the Jet Airways staff, as well as a passenger, who also happened to be a nurse. What was the woman doing flying, so close to birth? Well, it turns out the mom-to-be unexpectedly delivered the baby on the plane, by going into premature labor. Both Mom and infant were immediately whisked off to a hospital, as soon as the flight landed in Mumbai. It is thankfully being reported that both Mother and baby are healthy. Which is a good thing, since this kid is sure to become a traveler once he is old enough to hit the friendly skies.

Jet Airways took the time to thank the nurse, Mini Wilson, as well as their crew for helping with the successful delivery of the infant, who happens to be a bouncing baby boy. In a statement, the air carrier ‘commended’ its staff for their promptness and response, which equaled out to be a successful translation of their life-saving action training. Jet Airways was quick to note, the baby boy was the first infant born in-flight, for the company.

While this is a first for Jet Airways, this actually isn’t the first time a baby has been born during air travel. In 2016, Turkish Airlines experienced something similar when a baby girl was delivered while flying 42,000 feet in the air. While a majority of air carriers allow for pregnant women to fly until about 36 weeks, a signed letter from their doctor is needed at the 28 weeks plus mark, to confirm the expected due date of arrival.

This is welcomed news after so many horror stories have recently been newsworthy regarding the topic of babies and flights, such as this Mother being turned away for trying to board a plane with her 5 year daughter, and 3 month old twin babies via Air Canada.

Toronto City News revealed that the mother contacted the airline prior to purchasing the tickets to ensure there would be no troubles, and they advised her that she would be required to purchase a ticket for herself and babies, and the 5 year old, though only one of the babies could be considered as a lap baby in her seat, as she couldn’t fly with both babies in her seat. She understood this, and off she went to purchase the tickets. Upon arriving to board the plane, she was told she wasn’t able to board the plane as the 5 year old couldn’t be considered as the other responsible party for the other twin baby. That the Mother wasn’t allowed to be the only responsible party flying for the twins, even if the other twin was sat in her 5 year old daughter’s lap, it just wasn’t permitted.

Some flights are just not always able to accommodate the various challenges that all families of all sorts of ages require. A takeaway from this article is to always check with your airline prior to purchasing your seats. Whether you are close to your due date, or flying with infants, as you can see anything can happen whilst in flight!