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Impressive Numbers of Americans Traveling For 4th of July Weekend

Jaclyn Hughes

The fourth of July is without question one of the most celebrated holidays of the entire year in the United States. Some families start preparing their travel plans in January, while others jump on the bandwagon at the last minute. Either way, in past years the cost of fuel was often hindering on whether or not families would be able to financially afford a trip for the big freedom weekend, but with fuel costs down, and flights looking reasonable, it is of not surprise that Americans are fleeing the coop this weekend to get their celebrations on!

PIX 11 News has revealed that the AAA travel organization has released some 43 million Americans are traveling for the holiday, which is apparently a record for the country. AAA reports the reason for the climb is cheap gasoline, as they have members pouring into their offices to get trip maps that provide driving routes, and tons of brochures for cities they will be traveling to. Travel shoppers have also popped into AAA to purchase roadside assistance packages, and insurance coverage’s to keep them safe on the open road.

Some trips to keep in mind during your 4th of July roadtrippin’ are:

  1. The busiest time predicted on the roadways are going to be between 5pm and midnight Monday evening as millions of people will be trying to get home for business as usual by Tuesday morning. If you want to get a jump on the crowded highways, it’s best to leave before 2pm.
  2. Make certain that you’ve taken all of the precautions to have a safe voyage in your truck or car. Has your oil been changed regularly, do you have adequate air in your tires, and things to this nature should always be evaluated prior to getting behind the wheel for the big trip.
  3. Always fasten any additional storage components safely, such as those you keep on the roof of your vehicle, or any devices you wish to tow to get everyone’s luggage to the destination with ease.
  4. Car seats have become quite a topic of discussion as now there are rules for children of older ages to be placed in booster seats to provide the safest possible driving experience. It has been suggested that boys and girls that are under 4 foot 9 inches should always be in some type of booster seat.

Visit your local AAA office for additional safety tips and measures to have the safest possible 4th of July travel plans possible!