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Iconic El Embajador Receives Renovation Update

Dorathy Gass

Barcelo Hotel Group has given El Embajador a new lease on life, dedicating $40 million (USD) for a renovation of the hotel, top to bottom, over the next two years. The famed hotel is located in Santo Domingo, within the Dominican Republic.

In 2015, the iconic hotel was acquired by Barcelo, and the Group is now focused on updating its property with high-level renos and enhancements. Currently falling under the Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Resorts platform, El Embajador has been dubbed as the banner’s highest ‘urban’ icon.

Travelweek advised that the updates already made to El Embajador include renos to the hotel’s suites, ranging from about 440 to over 5,000 square feet. A wellness spa was developed that includes a gym, private pool, and four treatment rooms. An additional 10,000 square feet have been added to the hotel’s Signature Venue Embassy Garden, as well as event and ballrooms.

The renovation also includes El Embajador placing 40 percent of the hotel’s 28,000 square feet aside, which will be dedicated to business clients. This space currently showcases an incredible glass enclosure, which stands 800 feet. Additionally, the hotel’s restaurants, the upscale Los Porches and El Jardin, will continue to feature gourmet dishes, lead by the highly-celebrated chef, Jose Soto.

The hotel was established in 1956 and has welcomed a plethora of famous individuals since its inception, including Errol Flynn and Rock Hudson. El Embajador has also been used as a filming set for legendary films such as The Lost City and The Godfather 2. The hotel also hosted the Organization of American States event in 1965, where numerous heads of state were in attendance.
The hotel certainly has a tremendous amount of history, but probably requires a nice number of updates to continue its famed tradition of hosting the most elite around the world, when they come to visit or vacation in the Dominican.