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Hotel Offers Family Discount When Mobiles Are ‘Locked Away’

Dorathy Gass

While our smartphones can enhance a family holiday away, with camera to snap precious moments with and apps to help navigate your way through the destination spot you are at; at times, they can also be a distraction.

In fact, reported a new study launched by the Wyndham hotels chain in the United States revealed that 54% of kids felt that their parental units look at their mobile devices ‘too often’, and 32% said they felt ‘unimportant’ thanks to their parent’s phone.

Therefore, the hotel chain decided to take some action. They recently announced a new initiative offering families a discount if they lock mobiles away during their stay at a Wyndham hotel. The idea came to be after hotel employees began to notice just how mobiles disrupted family time when away on vacation.

Noelle Nicolai, Marketing Director for the hotel chain, chimed in on this recently stating staff would see parents hop on a ‘quick’ conference call while in the lobby. She went on to add that some hotels had to order additional pool chairs as guests were lounging at the poolside with their iPads versus taking a dip in the pool.

The initiatives, dubbed ‘Reconnected’ gives guests who choose to participate an additional lock box for their mobiles. It comes with a timer to ensure that it is not opened until the guests check out. Families also receive an Instax camera and blanket fort for the children to build one while they stay at the hotel. Guests will also receive a five percent discount for being a part of the initiative.

Reconnected will run at selected Wyndham Grand hotels establishments across the United States from February 23rd to September 3rd of this year.

Here’s hoping this will help families disconnect from their addictive mobile devices and reconnect with each other during their vacations.