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Hertz: Increase In October’s U.S. Corporate Car Rentals

Dorathy Gass

Perhaps you are noticing more cars on the road during the month so far in October, and the rental car company Hertz is not surprised. Hertz has recently stated that it has experienced an increase in corporate car rentals across the United States of America, further announcing that more clients of this sort are renting out cars compared to any other month throughout the year.
As per Hertz, corporate clients drive approximately 114 million miles in October, thanks to all the conventions and conferences that take place across the U.S. during this time.

Combine that with the fact that many business trips are delayed around the summer months due to the kids being out of school, and then a further delay because school begins in September and it is no surprise that October is so busy. October is also the last month of the year without any holidays (Halloween doesn’t count) – it stands before American Thanksgiving hits, not to mention Christmas and many other holidays that take place in December; these additional factors add to why this month is so busy when it comes business road trips and to corporate car rentals.

In addition, Hertz has listed its five (projected) most demanding U.S. locations in October to be: Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. As well, the peak day for business travel seems to be the day most people dread … yup, you guessed it, good old Monday.
Thinking about renting a car in October? Hertz has some suggestions on how to make your car rental experience a good one!

Travelweek reported that due to this month’s high volume, Hertz is advising clients who want to ensure they can rent their car and go, in the most time-effective way possible, to sign up for the company’s loyalty program, their Gold Plus Rewards. The program is free to join and offers customers a unique level of service and an accelerated experience when it comes to car rentals.

To boot, the program offers clients some exclusive offers and the opportunity to earn free days of rental. Additionally, Gold Plus Reward members can bypass the counter at approximately over 50 airports, to simply head right to their vehicle. Through the Hertz programs like eReceipts and Express Return, clients can also experience quicker returns when dropping off their rented vehicle; which included a convenient drop off and go.