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Hero Honeymooners Spend Night Sleeping On The Floor

Dorathy Gass

It’s being reported that a honeymoon couple slept on an airport floor after saving an airplane when the twosome noticed fuel coming out of the wing, moments before departure.

The wife of the couple, Rachel Brumfield, videoed the incident on her phone as hubby Mike Brumfield ran down the aisle of a United Airlines’ plane to notify the crew on board. As per the husband and wife, Mike was informed to go to his seat, until a flight attendant saw the incident herself unravelling from the window. She ran to the pilot to inform him of what she saw.

Still, despite this alert, the honeymooners state that they were left at the airport stranded and forced to sleep on an airport floor. The flight was heading to Venice from Newark. The couple were reportedly headed to Italy for a cruise as part of their honeymooning vacation before they noticed the leak. As per Rachel, the leak resembled a ‘fire hose’.

When firefighters hit the scene, the duo were reportedly asked to come to the cockpit for a personal ‘thank you’ by the pilot. Still, once the air carrier left, the couple were unable to book an alternate flight. They were able to secure two spots on a Delta flight and did not miss the cruise, as well as offered a food voucher, however, no alternate accommodations were set forth; it seems that hotels in the area were all booked and there was a point in time where they had no clue where their luggage was. As such, they were forced to sleep on the floor of the airport.

MSN reported that the couple stated they were thanked by the fellow flyers on the aircraft, with one passenger offering them a hotel room after they were spotted asleep on the floor. One other flyer of the plane provided them with a limo, so they could catch their next flight at JFK, the following day. United Airlines released a statement when it came to the fuel leak stating that while flight 170 was on the runway heading to Venice from Newark, the plane returned to the gate because of a fuel leak and the flight was cancelled. The company also issued an apology to passengers for any inconvenience the situation may have caused. Additionally, the statement relayed that United Airlines staff assisted in finding flyers hotel accommodations and they were working on getting passengers to Venice that day.

When the company was contacted for an additional statement around the hero honeymooners’ claim around sleeping on the airport floor, United Airlines stated they had ‘nothing further to add’.