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Hawaii’s Island Air Closing Operations

Dorathy Gass

Not great news for individuals heading to Hawaii and thinking about traveling within the beautiful state. Its second-largest air carrier is shutting down operations. The company announced these plans recently, with the last day of services being this past Friday November 10th. The airline had simply exhausted all their options to service travelers and has decided to close their flying business, as such.

Travelweek reported that the air career employed approximately 400 individuals, who will now be looking for other job opportunities. The end seemed to be coming quite near for the company when this past fall on October 16th, Island Air filed for bankruptcy protection after its aircraft lessor tried to repossess the organization’s three last Q400 airplanes due to non-payment. The company has reported losses each and every quarter over the past four and more years now. Since 1980, Hawaii’s Island Air provided inter island route options for travelers.

So, what are customers to do now when it comes to refunds? Island Air posted a statement on their website recently, thanking customers for their support and stating that clients should contact their credit card companies when it comes to questions around refunds. They also added a contact number (1-800-652-6541) for any additional inquiries or concerns.

For those with travel needs in the near future, the good news is that Hawaiian Airlines has stated it will honor tickets from Island Air for following week; however, only on standby.

It’s never a good thing to see any company fall under, but with Island Air not reporting a profit for years now, maybe it is the best in the long run. Moreover, here’s hoping this won’t affect travel within the state too much and that the 400 Hawaiians out of a job now can easily find new employment somewhere else. Hawaii is a bucket list destination for most people, so it might not be too difficult for these people to slip into another tourism-related job soon.