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The Happiest Place On Earth Just Got A Little More Expensive

Dorathy Gass

Disheartening news for those who love going to Disney theme parks, the organization has decided to increase admission prices for these attractions located within the United States. As Disney has a three-tier structure when it comes to fees, which changes considering the number of guests visiting, the cost hike will differ for each park. It’s important to note, Anaheim’s Disneyland peak period for one-day admissions will see the greatest increase, hitting $135/guest from the previous $124/person for tickets. This reflects a nine percent jump.

Disneyland’s value ticket will stay the same at $97, while its regular one-day admission will increase to $117 from $110.

When it comes to Orlando’s Disney World Magic Kingdom, ticket prices will see an increase all around each tier. Regular admission has increased to $119 from $115; peak season tickets will increase to $129 from $124; and value tickets hike up to $109 from $107.

Fortune has recently reported that annual passes and parking rates will see a price enhancement as well.

What’s with the price increase? The company hopes these changes can assist when evening out numbers across the year and lessen wait times. Disney’s theme parks also plan to sell one-day, date-specific, multi-day admissions in advance times to boost this goal. The prices of these tickets have not been announced yet.

Andrea Finger, Disney representative, recently stated that there is a small percentage of visitors that buy one-day tickets to Disney World, extending date-specific, pre-published multi-day admissions will help to further the company’s efforts to spread out yearly attendance, making sure all visitors have a magical experience regardless of what time of year they visit.
Theme parks are Disney’s second-largest division. An increase in attendance was seen in the last quarter by six percent and these attractions generated $5.2 billion in revenue, as per the earnings report released by Disney this month.