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Greek Hotel Sues British Couple Over Sickness Claim

Dorathy Gass

A hotel in Crete, Greece is suing a British couple from County Durham in Britain after the duo made a phony claim against the five-star accommodation, stating their drink and food made them sick.

It is being reported that Caroline and Sean Bondarenko made the false claim against Caldera Palace Hotel, for a compensation of £10,000.

Recent court documents reveal that Caldera has made a counter-claim of £170,000, relaying that the couple drank large amounts of alcohol while they stayed at the hotel and reported they were ill. Atlantica Hotel Management Ltd. has also stated that the twosome did not report this sickness while staying at the establishment in the fall of 2013, rather, tried to gain compensation three years after their holiday. The couple vacationed at the Caldera Palace for a week in October that year.

Further, there are apparent Facebook posts that the company has obtained which relays that the couple had a good time during their stay at the hotel.

MSN reported that the Bondarenkos are currently attempting to drop their suit.

According to Sean Bondarenko, he was horrified to see the court documents that listed negative things that were supposed to be said about the establishment. He added that the couple is terrified when thinking about their future now and are afraid to lose their home.

Earlier in May of this year, reports were released that British travellers might lose their all-inclusive Spain getaways due to increased numbers around ‘fake’ sickness reports. Rogers & Co., the law firm representing the insurance industry, stated these hotels in Spain may increase their prices or simply stop them all together.

In fact, there are a lot of tour operators in Britain that have reported a variety of hotels in the Canary Islands providing half-board versus all-inclusive deals. Hotels in Spain have commented on this, stating they feel like hostages by British travelers who make ‘fake’ illness claims only to gain money from potential compensation.