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Grandparents Travelling With Their Grandkids- an Epic Memory to Make

Jaclyn Hughes

Ah grandparents, the best part of enjoying the circle of life! Grandmothers and Fathers are no longer passing the time by knitting and watching nightly news. In 2015, they seem to be much more involved in helping to guide their grandkids and having deeper relationships over the traditional holiday and weekend visits. Think outside of the box when trying to get your parents involved in your children’s lives by exploring the value of a grandparent vacation!

The Stillwater News Press featured an inspiring point of view on the impact that grandparent bonding can have on today’s youth. Think about how vast the world has changed since you were a child and how little the value is placed upon human relationships currently. There couldn’t be a more crucial time for kids to get closer to their grandparents, with technology replacing basic conversations and even phone calls. Here are some additional points on why kiddos should be engaging in getaways with their grandparents:

  • Think of the life lessons they can teach each other! The children can help to advance their grandmothers into the tech savvy world they function in, and the senior citizens can provide some insight into priceless life lessons.
  • It’s good for the soul; for both parties. Just as it is incredible for your kids to create memories with their elder family members, it is equally as valuable for the grandparents to get out of their comfort zone and see the world with some of their favorite little people. It gives all of them something to chat about, something to look forward to, and something to treasure for the rest of their lives.
  • Make the travel destination somewhere that sparks an interest with the grandparent, such as a native country or a city that they spent some time in years ago. When the grandparent has an opportunity to share their own knowledge with their child’s offspring it opens up such a wonderful experience.
  • Make the trips make sense- if you have parents that are not physically able to tote a 4 year old through “Legoland”, then create a Plan B. Sometimes it is nothing more detailed than a quick drive to the countryside for the day, or a fishing trip that can leave the most lasting impressions.

Encouraging both of them young and old to see the world through each other’s lens is such a precious journey that hopefully every child can benefit from at some point.