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Goa Creates ‘No Selfie’ Regions Due To Recent Injuries & Deaths

Dorathy Gass

Goa, a state in India, has recently sectioned off ‘no selfie’ regions down some areas of its coastline due to injuries and fatalities as of late, for some individuals looking to get that ‘perfect shot’.

Signs have already been erected against taking selfies along popular beaches, swimming holes, and cliffs within the state. It is reported that Goa welcomes approximately six million visitors annually.

The push against selfies has erupted after two visitors from Tamil Nadu both passed away on June 17th, in separate accidents, when they climbed on top of rocky outcrops to grab a picture of themselves. According to police, both individuals drowned after falling into the large waves and were swept away.

Sadly, while warning signs are in regions that are thought to be dangerous, they are also frequently ignored.

As per a 2016 study, The Guardian reported that India has experienced more deaths due to selfies than any other nation, globally. Between 2014-2015, over 127 deaths around the world were reported due to selfies, and most were linked to water, cars, or heights. Of this number, 76 of these selfie fatalities happened in India, including an accident in 2014 where ten individuals attempted a selfie on a Maharashtra lake. The young people tipped their boat and as a result, seven of them passed away.

When it comes to other global selfie-related death figures, Pakistan came in a far second from India, with nine fatalities, while the U.S. had eight. Who knew something so fun and as seemingly harmless as a selfie could end on such a tragic note.

An Australian and a UKer were found dead recently, at the bottom of a 30-meter cliff located in Ericeira, Portugal. Officials believe the root of their deaths could’ve been caused by an attempted selfie gone wrong.