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How to Not Get Seasick on Your Next Boating Getaway

Jaclyn Hughes

There is nothing more relaxing that being one with the sea, the waves crashing, the sea life noises you hear, the sunshine warming your face; all to be enjoyed until one starts getting seasick. The horror of getting ill on a boat can only truly be understood by others that have experienced it, as some cases can have cruise goers bedridden for a week! Typically, passengers have an increased chance of becoming ill on smaller boats, versus the commercial cruise liners, but everyone has their own tolerance level and sadly, some may get the short end of the stick. Here are a few tried and true tips from Medicine Net to keep you enjoying your water getaway without all the fuss:

  • Fresh air is your friend! Ventilate as much as humanly possible when suffering from seasick symptoms, the more fresh air your body inhales, the faster it can recover.
  • Don’t load up on spicy foods or foods that you normally don’t consume as being on the water is not an ideal place to experiment with nontraditional foods.
  • Speaking of eating, lighten up prior to boarding the boat, don’t consume a seat at the all you can eat buffet then get on a boat as it will come back to haunt you.
  • Sit where you have the least chance of becoming ill. Don’t sit in the highest cabin on the ship as that is where you will experience the most movement. Always go lower and as close to the middle of the boat as possible.
  • Sit so that you are facing the direction of travel, always! Remember being a kid in your parent’s car and going on long drives where you could read a book hanging upside down, whist sitting backwards in a moving car? Those days are long gone, and most adults cannot sit facing the opposite way of travel without feeling sick.
  • Skip the Kindle. Don’t embark on reading “War in Peace” on your water travels if you have a tendency to get sick. Sit back and relax, maybe listen to music or focus on the horizon in front of you as a focal point to avoid getting nauseous.
  • Use the over the counter medicines that can greatly help. There are tons of options for seasickness meds that are available for dirt cheap at your local drug store. Experiment with them until you find a brand that works. A popular choice is Dramamine, and can be given to children also as they have a youth version of the tablets.
  • As a last resort if you have no success with the over the counter options, consult with a physician as there are a few prescription choices that can also greatly prevent motion sickness. You can also pick up other meds such as Zofran for nausea symptoms as they are just dissolvable tablets that work rather quickly and have gained a solid reputation for combatting seasick symptoms and stomach bugs all together.