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Get Hired as One of Instagram’s Travel Photographers and Get Paid to See The World

Jaclyn Hughes

Who doesn’t want to travel the globe and earn some form of a salary at the same time? Sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it? Netflix just may have your answer as they have embarked on a collaboration with Instagram that offers a new position to travel around Europe and the Middle East. Oh, and you get to snap photos of cool stuff along your journey that you can turn into a memory book.

The position is officially called “Grammasters”, who may not exactly earn health benefits or a routine salary, but definitely has its perks. It’s a quick gig that pays out 4K for the role. All in all, it’s only requiring you to work for two weeks in total. Not too shabby for the pay when you consider you’re getting an opportunity to travel the world and basically get your trip for free just for taking some pictures along the way. Think of the people that never leave their home country ever throughout their lives? What a fantastic way to seize a peaceful journey and find yourself while meeting new people, and learning new cultures.

Oh, and if you were wondering about the airfare costs and other travel expenses; have no fear. Of course they’ve covered those costs for you, or else the pay they’re offering wouldn’t exactly be worth the journey! You could make a vacation out of the experience by booking a flight for your best friend, boyfriend, or wife, and having them tag along with your lodging arrangements which are already paid for. The possibilities are endless! What are you waiting for? Go apply and get your chance to travel the globe and get paid while doing so.

WGNTV advises on the rules needed to follow to get your chance-

To apply, you will need an Instagram account, and hopefully one that has a decent amount of photos and followers. Next, pick your best three photos. They can be considered “your best” photos due to a couple of reasons, such as they have the most likes, or people commented and the picture was quite the conversational piece. Once you’ve chosen those three photos, hashtag each of them with #Grammasters3 to be considered. Hurry up, the contest ends Sunday, March 6th!