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How to get Cheaper Hotel Prices on Your Next Vacation

Jaclyn Hughes

The main reason millions of adults do not travel the globe regularly is primarily due to the cost. Luckily, there are websites aiming just to help this cause, and they are providing tips on cheap airfare, hotels, and rental cars. Thanks to the help of the ‘MainStreet’ Travel Site you too can reap the rewards of more affordable lodging prices by using a few simple tactics during the booking process.

  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate your hotel rates for the night. If you have prepaid your stay then you may be out of luck, but if you’re paying upon arrival at your hotel of choice, be sure to inquire about the rates. There are sites that actually give you money back when the hotel you booked drops in price! Check out to sign up for amazing deals and if you’re owed money for a sale on your hotel, Tingo deposits it right to your credit card.
  • Always ask “Is that the best you can do?” to your booking agent on the telephone. They have to get rooms filled, and they know what discounts they are authorized to give and what they can’t. While it may be super easy to just check the internet and reserve your room, by calling and speaking to a live agent you can get better prices, so it’s definitely worth the five minutes.
  • Utilize the perks you already have! If you belong to certain clubs or memberships, inquire with the front desk about applying them for discounts. AAA, military, or even senior citizen deals are ready to be taken at most hotels. Often you can obtain free wifi, meals, or an additional night for half price.
  • Tell them it’s your anniversary! Okay, so maybe telling a small fib isn’t your style, but hotels usually give you an upgrade or a room with a view for those couples checking in for their anniversary.
  • Check for any corporate deals that you can incorporate with your employer. This can go one of two ways; corporate rates are locked in percentages off of the standard rate, if that standard rate is what they are going by that particular day then you have saved some cash. If the hotel is offering a deep discounted rate during your stay, then getting your corporate rate may actually be higher than the discounts off the standard rate they are giving everyone. Ask when you arrive or over the phone before you get there what the rate is for that day before checking in.
  • Use your membership and points from other hotel franchises to work for you with their competitors. Believe it or not, many people use their Hilton points for instance to score a huge deal at Marriot. Be prepared to show your membership card or have something that displays the value of your reward points with your ID and try it out with your hotel clerk to get a lower rate.

Of course depending on the day, the season, and how the booking agent feels that particular day, you may just obtain the same rate as every other person checking in. More often than not, just by asking for any deals that day you will get some kind of upgrade, be that a larger room or a swanky Jacuzzi tub. The biggest tip is to be friendly, working with the public is no easy feat and those employees will be more prone to assist you if you’re willing to be kind and polite.