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What Future Air Travel Trends Await Us?

Dorathy Gass

With the ever-revolving door of technology hitting every industry, one can’t help but speculate on what future air travel trends are upon us. Well, no need to wait and wonder! The Crystal Cabin Awards, which acknowledges aircraft cabin innovations, were recently handed out in Hamburg, Germany during the Aircraft Interiors Expo; shedding some light on what travelers can expect to see in the coming years, as it relates to flying the friendly skies.

The Huffington Post advises that with eight categories in total, where potential awards could be handed out, below are some highlights from the event.

Toilets That Can Clean Themselves?

The environment is on top of everyone’s mind these days, and a little innovation, that received a whole lot of buzz, won in the area of Greener Cabin, Health, Safety, and Environment, for a lot of neat reasons (pun-intended). Not many want to think about toilets, let alone, having to clean them, and product produced by Boeing is gaining much praise. Known simply as the self-cleaning toilet, this handy-dandy system is able to disinfect the smelliest area of an airplane, in about three seconds flat. Best part? It’s all done, hands-free. Hard to believe, but thanks to some ultraviolet lights, a flyer can go potty, and once they leave, said lights simply shine over a bathroom’s countertops, sink, and toilet seat; leaving the area as clean as a whistle. Hands-free toilet seats that slide up and down automatically, and hands-free faucets and door latches are currently in the works.

Booster Seats, That Are Foldable

Rebel Aero took home the award for Passenger Comfort Hardware at the ceremonies for their foldable booster seats concept; and the idea makes sense for those travelers who fly regularly or even occasionally. These foldable seats can help flyers stand in their own space for maximum comfort, and provides better access to fellow passengers. This new innovation will result in easier boarding and turnaround times. For those taller passengers, the fold up option allows for a booster-like seat, providing much more room for legs. Still not sold? This new foldable seat can also allow flyers to stretch and straighten their legs and backs, during those longer-than-usual travel flights.

Introducing: A Lifestyle Cabin
Say goodbye to dividing up the first class with the coach passengers, and hello to a re-design of cabins based on differing wants and needs. Zodiac Aerospace designed a new “Lifestyle Cabin” focusing on specific desires of the frequent travel. One cabin has a lounge area, to provide flyers the opportunity to walk about and socialize; while there is another sleeper cabin model for those flyers who prefer to sleep away their travels. There are also proposed private berths, that offer travelers a first-class experience, with banquet seats that transform into beds, and a plethora of other high-level options.