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Food Network’s Guy Fieri Opens New Restaurant In Disney

Dorathy Gass

No one knows delicious food quite like the Food Network’s Guy Fieri, with the host of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives embarking on many a journey to scope out the best of the best when it comes food presented at local joints across the United States of America.

Which makes it no surprise that celebrity chef Fieri, also known to many as the ‘Chicken Guy’, has recently opened a fast-casual restaurant in Orlando’s Disney Springs that specializes in all things chicken, with a focus on chicken fingers.

But that’s not the best part!

Travelweek advised that chicken fingers tend to be the meal of choice for most young kiddos these days, a parent will revel in the fact that close to everything that Fieri is presenting at the eatery will cost less than $8 bucks (in US dollars that is).

This is a dream come true, as anyone who has dined at Disney knows just how expensive food is.
Other things to look for at Fieri’s joint? The restaurant is touting 22 different sauces, with someone walking around the eatery, dubbed as a ‘sauce slinger’, holding a full platter of condiments for guests to choose from to add to their meals. Chicken tenders (and chicken in general) will be the main food focal point within the place, additional menu items include: Fried pickles, the Mac Daddy Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Super Melty Cheese Fries, as well as soft-serve ice cream with Apple Jacks and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereals as toppings.

As per Disney, the chicken fingers at Fieri’s place will be pounded by hand, antibiotic-free, tenderized, with buttermilk, as well as lemon and pickle juice added. Whether you choose breaded or grilled, they will be deep fried and can be served as a meal on their own, placed within sandwiches, skewered, or offered within salads.

Disney goers gear up for a taste bud explosion! The Guy’s restaurant will be open sometime in August!