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First Hello Kitty-Inspired Restaurant Opens In Hong Kong

Dorathy Gass


Thinking about planning a family vacation? If you have young daughters, they may start insisting on visiting Hong Kong anxious to see the new Hello Kitty restaurant!

While you can find the cartoon character on t-shirts, plush toys, hair accessories, television sets, bikes, board games, Italian wines … and so much more; now you can add ‘restaurant’ to that never-ending list, as the first-ever Hello Kitty Chinese diner will be opening in Hong Kong June 1st. Fans can expect to see the cartoon character’s infamous face and ‘bow’ accessory plastered on literally everything within the restaurant including the interior décor, serving items, and even cut out into most of the food items, Expect to see the iconic Hello Kitty face and bow shaped into dim sum dumplings, rice dishes, and much more.

The adorable eatery idea was highlighted by MSN this week which is owned by Man Kwong, who believes that Hello Kitty is more popular in Hong Kong than her native country, Japan. As the owner of a Chinese-language health magazine, all-natural and organic eating is a top priority to Kwong. As such, the restaurant has a clean-eating philosophy, and she envisions it to be a healthy and family-oriented establishment.

Opening the diner was not easy for Kwong, who began the negotiation process between Sanrio, the company that makes the Hello Kitty brand, nearing the end of 2013. Lasting approximately one year, she finally got the okay from Sanrio in April 2014. But, the process did not stop there. Kwong created hundreds of dim sum varieties; all of which needed approval by Sanrio executives before the final menu, which consists of 37 dishes, was complete.

Last year when rolling out Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary festivities, Sanrio shocked the world they announced that the lovable character was not a cat, but in fact, a little British girl, specifically in the third grade. Highly successful, the Hello Kitty brand is not only for children, but also has many adoring adult fans, and is worth approximately $7 billion.