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First-Ever Monopoly Hotel Opens, Thanks To McDonald’s

Dorathy Gass

Many adults these days have some pretty great memories when it comes to the board game Monopoly. A time before devices, smartphones, or computers, players would be immersed in the ever-growing and changing world of finance and real estate. The beauty of Monopoly is that is it timeless, and families gathered (and still gather today) to dive into the fictional struggle over who can dominate this game of economy.

Well, for fans of the board game (whether you go bankrupt or become wealthy while playing it) there is good news: now YOU can experience a real-life taste of what it is like to be a part of the game.

That’s because fast-food giant McDonald’s has developed a Monopoly pop-up hotel in Australia. Last week, the company unveiled it in Melbourne; one that looks very similar to the little red hotels that budding business people can buy in the game and place on their ‘real estate’ purchases. The hotel is located in Federation square and dubbed the world’s smallest hotel, which measures at eight feet by ten feet.

Much like the hotels in the game, the space is that very bright nostalgic red, both on the inside and out. Monopoly-inspired décor dons the cozy dwelling, which include “Go to Jail” and “Free Parking” poster on the walls of the small hotel.

To mark the occasion a contest was launched, where two lucky Monopoly-loving fans were given a one-night stay in the hotel. Emma Kendrick and Laura Paton not only enjoyed a comfortable night in the new hotel, they were also greeted by Mr. Monopoly himself, the mascot of the game; who is often referred to as Rich Uncle Pennybags (but who’s real name is … yes, you read right, Monopoly’s mascot has a real name … Milburn Pennybags).

Interestingly enough, the reason the hotel was built in the first place was to help promote the return of the Monopoly game to the McDonald’s restaurants in Australia. As Jenni Dill, McDonald’s Chief Marketing Officer stated, the game is one of the quintessential family board games. She adds that most have fond memories of Monopoly, and McDonald’s wanted to do something unique, to bring it all to life.

MSN reported that in addition to Melbourne’s Monopoly hotel, McDonald’s has also released a new game app, of the interactive variety. Players using the app can scan their ‘Chance’ card to unlock new games. Sounds like fun, and will probably eliminate any family arguments over who the real winner of the Monopoly game was.