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Female-Only Island Retreat Opening In Finland

Dorathy Gass

Calling all the ladies out there! Anyone interested in getting away from it all, including all the men in their life, so they can enjoy a women-only vacation?

Well then, SuperShe Island just might be what the doctor ordered!

The dream child of Kristina Roth, SuperShe Island is a private retreat for women only, located off the coast of Finland. Roth’s goal was to create a vacation destination for females to escape the everyday pressures from society and fully dive into all-female energy.

The island has four luxurious cabins, accommodates up to ten ladies, provides a plethora of wellness activities, and offers a wide range of opportunities for female bonding.

As the founder of SuperShe, a networking group and lifestyle blog aimed to encourage other females to link with, befriend, and empower other females, Roth got the inspiration for the island resort from her own experiences. As she states, she’s worked and lived in a male-dominated society, so when she ventured out to travel more the last two years, she met an incredible amount of amazing females. She wants to offer that opportunity to others.

Roth purchased the island, after her Finnish boyfriend showed her the beauty that surrounds his home-nation’s coast.

Still, before anyone runs to their computer to start booking a stay, it’s important to note: Roth picks and chooses those who visit the island retreat. In fact, women that show interest on visiting SuperShe resort should know that there will be a vetting process when it comes to booking.

So, if you are still interested, here’s the number one thing on what Roth looks for in a SuperShe guest: to simply have an ‘amazing’ personality. As Roth puts it, the person who wants to come to SuperShe island should be upbeat and have a cool personality. This might be something that some may find a little objective to Roth’s own ideas of what exactly is upbeat and cool.

Regardless, CNN advised that the coveted SuperShe VIP members will be invited to visit the retreat in June, as a bit of a test group. The island will officially be open for business come July 2018.

Roth currently owns land in Turks and Caicos and should this initially SuperShe resort become a success, the plan is to branch out and renovate that island as well.