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Family Canceled Vacation After Easyjet Flyer Stays In Seat

Dorathy Gass

The Mortimore family was left devastated recently, when they were forced to cancel their vacation, which cost them approximately $3,300. The reason? An overbooked Easyjet flight, from Devon to Tenerife, leaving from Bristol Airport. While other passengers on the plane had already been given selected seats, flyers refused to switch from where they were at, so that the parents of the family (Carolyn and Jay) could sit with their two kids, aged seven and twelve, in order to fly.

The family had been planning this holiday for a while, booking tickets in August 2015. Still, when they got to the airport on June 7th of this year, without boarding tickets, the employees at the check-in area only gave the family three flight passes. The father Jay, was informed that his name was placed on a wait list, and would be given a seat, if one became available. His mother, Susan (61 years of age, and traveling with the family), offered her ticket, so that he could travel with the rest of his family.

Once they boarded the flight, no seats were available on the plane, next to each other. As each child needs to be next to someone 18 years or older, the flight attended then asked if anyone on the plane would be willing to switch seats with the family, to accommodate them.

MSN reported that no one spoke up, and the family was forced to get off the plane. They were then provided only $792, to compensate for the situation.

Father, Jay notes that there were plenty of adults on the flight, and no one offered to switch seats. He also stated that employees of Easyjet told him that the air carrier often oversells flights by about ten percent to ensure it is booked, which then can cause an ongoing issue to get passengers on flights when they are busy.
The family ended up spending their holidays in Exmouth, in a caravan.

Easyjet has stepped up, providing a statement about the occurrence. The air carrier noted that they regretted hearing about what the family experienced with their recent Tenerife booking. The company went on to say that they do protect families when it comes to overbooking, and the situation that happened to the Mortimores, should not have occurred. Easyjet also stated that the company should have seated the family together, so that they could’ve traveled, and the Mortimores would be fully compensated for the situation that arose.