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Why Everyone Should Look Into Travel Insurance This Holiday Season

Jaclyn Hughes

It’s just weeks away from Thanksgiving and Christmas; have you booked your holiday travel plans yet? The sooner you do, the more you’ll save, but you can also check into travel insurance to keep your trip as smooth as possible.
Think if there is a weather issue during your trip; which, honestly can happen more often than not considering it’s snowing already in half of the country. If you get snowed into an airport for a few hours, or even for a day or two, you expect to be reimbursed by the airline, right? Not always so, as many airlines only refund the flight. This means the money you spent on hotels or even food to live in the airport for the time being is all on your pocketbook. Not really fair is it? Think of the traveling student; they may only have enough funds for their trip not an extended stay with pricey airport foods to boot.

What can you do to avoid these costs and/or stress? First, you should always look into the guidelines that are set from the card you used to book the travel arrangements. Some actually have some programs that can protect travelers should their plans be derailed. Secondly, you should purchase travel insurance, but not from where you might think. The Chicago Tribune recommends travelers buying their insurance from websites versus the actual airlines themselves. Airline insurance just doesn’t have that stellar of a reputation these days, but if you search options such as “”, you may be surprised to see what all they can offer you.

Airlines for example, often exclude some medical conditions as being available to insure; some also have tons of loopholes or exclusions so always read the fine print when purchasing insurance from the actual airline. Look into the canceling rules too, as anything can happen from now until your scheduled trip that could cause you to have to cancel your reservations. Many insurers have great options to get you the most money back if cancelling becomes a must.

Another great company is called “AirCare”. They actually have the ability to track their customer’s flights in real time so that once any cancellations or delays are confirmed by the airline, AirCare instantly helps you book other arrangements. They can also deposit funds back into your account if you should happen to miss a connecting flight due to a delay or if your bag is delayed from a previous flight. In fact, if your luggage happen to be set back for 12 hours or longer, you automatically receive $500. That’s’ pretty amazing insurance coverage that you just don’t see anymore. Definitely research the best options for your travel plans, but always try to purchase some sort of back up coverage.