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Etiquette Guide Released For Shanghai Disney

Dorathy Gass

With Shanghai Disney set to open in less than a week, the city’s government recently released an etiquette guide for locals who plan to visit the new attraction.

Opening in the Pudong district, officials have drafted some rules (six to be exact) after some ‘uncivilized’ behaviors were exhibited during the trial opening of the park.

Fans of the ‘happiest place on earth’ are advised to not be rowdy, litter, butt in line, destroy the park’s landscape, or perform other forms of vandalism; and they are asked to refrain from other ‘uncouth’ actions, as lying on the ground.

CNN reported that while the park has not yet opened, the official date being June 16th, it has experienced its fair share of obstacles getting the attraction set up for guests.

First and foremost, scalpers were able to get a hold of a good chunk of tickets while they were up for grabs in March, and have increased ticket price levels tremendously.

In addition, when Shanghai Disney’s metro station was completed in April, inquisitive guests rushed the grounds of the park, apparently causing damage to locations outside the gates. In early May, the theme park had an early trial opening, for employees, their families, and a small number of invited guests; where a crowd of thousands gathered outside the gates. Other craziness around the park opening includes, tickets being sold out within hours of being made available; and the first two weeks of opening for the park, is booked solid.

It’s being reported that drills for emergency crowd control are currently being held, in preparation for any possible risks or actions that could take place, during Shanghai Disney’s opening. As the first Disney-themed park to open in 10 years, Shanghai Disney mirrors other Disney parks in Asia, such as Tokyo and Hong Kong.