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Elon Musk Tweets Taking Over Production Of Model 3

Dorathy Gass

Whether you are flying for business, personal, or vacationing reasons, airports, in general, just seem to be busy, and are only getting busier with each passing year.

Ever wonder what the busiest airport in the globe is? Wonder, no longer!

According to 2017 preliminary data compiled by the Airports Council International, the busiest airport in the world last year, as it relates to passengers, is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, with approximately 104 million people passing through the airport.

In addition, the data reveals there was a huge hike in numbers worldwide for airports, for not only passenger, but international freight, cargo, and the aircraft movements in total.

Who hit the second spot? The Beijing Capital International Airport, which has sat at number two for about twenty years now. In 2017, the airport hit this spot one again with over 94 million people, which signifies a 1.5 percent increase.

According to the numbers, CNN reported that passenger traffic has gone up by over six percent last year globally. When it comes to global cargo traffic, this number increased by over seven percent. The largest air cargo region worldwide is Hong Kong, China, with Memphis, Tennessee hitting the second, while Shanghai, China was third.

ACI’s annual report and preliminary numbers stem from information gathered at over 1,200 airports around the globe.

Rounding up the top ten of busiest airports around the world, includes: Dubai International Airport with 88 million passengers in 2017; Tokyo Haneda International at fourth place with 85 million; LAX with just over 84 million at five; Chicago’s O’Hare International at sixth place with 80 million passengers; London Heathrow at 78 million hit seventh spot; Hong Kong International was eighth with 73 million; China’s Shanghai Pudong International Airport was at ninth place with 70 million; and France’s Aéroport de Paris-Charles de Gaulle rounded up the top ten with 69 million passengers.