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EgyptAir Flight Made Three Emergency Landings Before Crash

Dorathy Gass

It has been reported, that the EgyptAir flight that crashed into the Mediterranean seas recently, was forced to land at three different airports within the 24 hours prior to its disappearance.

Anomalies were signaled by Airbus A320’s warning systems on three separate occasions during the aircraft’s six rotations – from Asmara in Eritrea, Cairo, and Tunis – within a 24-hour time period prior to its last flight, and subsequent crash.

Still, when the plane returned to each of the three airports (after just taking off), it was quickly released for take off again, after it was inspected, and a technical audit determined nothing was wrong with the plane.
Still, EgyptAir’s chairman, Safwat Musallam, denied these claims at the annual International Air Transport Association in Dublin stating, that for him, that was not true. He noted that the flight was ‘normal’, and did not have any maintenance problems before taking off. He adds that the company has full trust in the pilot, and the aircraft.

The report comes one day after a French naval ship sensed a cockpit and data voice recorder (also known as black boxes) signal from the EgyptAir MS804; which is increasing hope these black boxes can be found, to help give an indication on why the plane crashed in the first place.

MSN reported that a representative from the investigation committee was able to note that the search for the plane has been tightened to two kilometers. The bad news is, the search requires at least a week until a vessel, carrying robots, can make the 3,000 meter dive to grab those black box devises from the crash, that are lying in and around 180 miles north of Alexandria, an Egyptian port.

Almost two weeks, post-crash, investigators have yet to determine the reasoning behind the plane’s disappearance. Sherif Fathi, civil aviation minister, Egypt, believes it is a terrorist act of some sort, or another tragic occurrence. Still, there is no proof linking this crash to terrorism, and no group has stepped forward to take ownership of the crash.

Recently, flight data that was leaked revealed that a sensor identified an issue in two of the aircraft’s cockpit windows, and that the lavatory had smoke coming from it, in the last moments before the flight crashed.
Flight MS804 was heading to Cairo, from Paris, before it vanished from radar in the early morning of May 19th.