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Egypt Not Happy Over Recent U.S. Travel Warning

Dorathy Gass

Travel warnings are placed in effect by specific countries to essentially protect their citizens around potential travel harm while vacationing or on business trips in other nations. Still, when it is ‘your country’ that has been issued under a travel advisory, it is hard not to take the issue, well, personally.

Such was the case recently when the nation of Egypt relayed its unhappiness over a recent travel advisory issued by the United States of America. Egypt stated its ‘discontent’ when the U.S.-issued travel warning against the country, noting that the advisory created a false dissimilarity when it comes to violent political groups and terrorist organizations.

Ahmed Abu Zeid, spokesman for Egypt’s Foreign Ministry, recently stated his displeasure around the words used in the U.S.’s travel warning and was not satisfied with them. He went on to relay that he found it ‘unacceptable’ to extricate via militants and violent political organizations as any group that turns to violence is one that is terrorists; referencing a now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood organization.

The American travel warning, as reported by Travelweek, encourages U.S. citizens to think about the risks when traveling over to Egypt. This advisory was rolled out mere days after some militant attacks, which included a bombardment in Sinai that wiped out 23 soldiers residing in Egypt as well as stabbings on foreign travelers that took the lives of two German females while staying at a resort near the Red Sea.

While the travel warning may seem harsh to officials in Egypt, it may be warranted, considering the recent occurrences in the country. The nation is a beautiful one, rich in history, culture, and scenery – and while it lands on the bucket list of many potential tourists, safety when travelling should always be a priority when it comes to vacationing or business travel.
Here’s hoping the advisory can be lifted and soon.