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EasyJet Passenger Helps Avoid Flight Disaster

Dorathy Gass

An EasyJet passenger recently saved the day, when he helped avoid a flight disaster before an airplane was set for takeoff. With only minutes prior to the flight, the 25-year old Swiss traveler realized there was a wrench lodged in the airplane’s wing. Immediately approaching an airline staff member with what he saw, the flight was able to turn back; preventing any crash or harm to anyone.

The passenger, Christophe (no last name was provided) recently relayed his story to a French news program called 20 minutes. When retelling the incident, Christophe stated that he noticed right away that what he was looking at did not look normal. While the flight, EZS1465, was on the airport runway, it was able to return right back to the terminal, where workers removed the wrench. Thankfully the passengers on that flight did not experience too much of delay, and were able to take off approximately one hour later; though the second time around, everyone had full knowledge that the plane was safe and ready to go.

MSN reported that an expert in aviation chimed in, telling the 20 minutes’ site that the wrench being in the wing could have resulted in some serious issues, especially if the tool was thrown off by vibrations, and thrown into another aircraft.

As it stands, something similar had happened in July of 2000, when a fatal Concorde accident resulted in 113 deaths. During that crash, a metal strip from another airplane fell on the runway at Charles de Gaulle, causing the plane’s jet tire to puncture. Rubber pieces from the tire then hit the plane’s fuel tank, and as a result, the plane was sent, at quick speeds, into a hotel approximately several miles away.

When it comes to this example however, thankfully all was caught before anything serious happened. EasyJet states that it has immediately launched an investigation, and that the Swiss safety authorities have been informed, as per the company’s procedures.