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Easy Luggage Packing 101: Save Time, And Your Sanity!

Jaclyn Hughes

Packing your luggage for a trip shouldn’t be super stressful, it may seem like nothing but a dream to try to get everything sorted with a shred of organization, but I promise you it is possible. There is nothing worse than getting to your final destination and learning that your outfits just aren’t going to work. If you get it down a science, the method can work for you and never again will you reap the agony of packing without a plan. The first step to getting it right is using the correct piece of luggage. CNN recently profiled an awesome step by step detailed plan but I will highlight the goodies from the article below.

  • Are you trying to squeeze everything you’ll need inside your crowded carry-on bag? Stop the crazy! Check the bag, move on with your life. Buy flight insurance, whatever you need to get on the flight peacefully knowing that your luggage will return once you land at your destination. This makes your mental travel sanity and packing so much more relaxing and easy. Fit what you need into your bag, period.
  • Stop the 11th hour fire drill when it comes to doing everything before you leave. Don’t be the person that irons everything then neatly packs it with the hopes that it will unfold from the luggage in perfect harmony; it usually doesn’t happen. Either pack clothes that can hang up and get the wrinkles out (wool pieces), or pack clothes that you can quickly iron once you get to your hotel. If you must be that prepared, then use dry cleaning bags to hold the freshly ironed pieces so that they will only tussle about in the bag versus wrinkling.
  • Don’t pack stuff you don’t need. One would think this is an obvious point, but think of how many times you packed a hair dryer and there was one at your resort. Lotion that is provided by most hotels, or even towels for the pool that are provided for you. Silly, right?
  • Don’t overdo it on the tech devices either; think of the endless amounts of gadgets you often try to tag along with you on a vacation, and how many you really used. You can sync stuff to just about any smartphone or tablet, so why take all of them?

Take your time, plan ahead to pack exactly what is sensible and nothing more. Don’t make it a stressful process or too hard on yourself; after all most trips are for pleasure anyway so enjoy every part of it!