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“Dog” The Cat, Reaching Great Fame On Social Media

Dorathy Gass

There is nothing more popular on the Internet than cuddle and sweet animals; however, who knew a cat named “Dog” could get so famous? Still, stranger things have happened in Vietnam pop culture, or pop culture in any country for that matter, so who are we to judge?

“Dog” is probably the most famous pet in Vietnam today, and the cute fluff ball also happens to work in a local fish market in Hai Pong. The three-old feline is named Chó (meaning ‘dog’ in Vietnamese), and has become an Internet darling as of late, thanks to his owner Lê Quôc Phong. The 25-year-old has been placing his adorable and cuddly pet in outrageously cute outfits, including a police officer costume (gun holster, white gloves and all), as well as a traditional Vietnamese outfit – and others – taking photos of the cat and posting them on the Internet.

The photos have gone viral on social media since, and who doesn’t go crazy over a kitty looking cooler than cool, with sunglasses on while it seems like he’s taking a quick jaunt down a street?

Travelweek reported that per Dog’s owner, Phong, the kitty loves traveling and eating ice cream. He also has been around the area, with Phong stating that Dog has a ton of girlfriends and has spread his seed throughout town, father quite a bit of kitties in Vietnam.

Scandalous! Well, with every famed celebrity comes a little controversy!

But, why the name “Dog” for a cat? Phong called him that on the day he was adopted because the cat was panting like a pup due to the heat. The name stuck, and the rest is history.
Dog is so popular, he already has hit Instagram with over 100,000 followers checking out @dog1501 every crazy and adorable move. It’s definitely a cat’s life!