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Disneyland To Undergo Billion Dollar Expansion

Dorathy Gass

One of the most popular amusement and theme parks in the world, Disneyland is embarking on a billion dollar expansion project to make “The Happiest Place On Earth”, just a little bit happier (and bigger for that matter). The home of Mickey Mouse, countless Disney Princesses, and numerous Pixar characters including Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Nemo has been in the works of purchasing three sectors of land near its location over the past year. This past July, Disneyland officially announced that it would spend a minimum of one billion dollars to create new amusement park attractions, and expand its current parking structure.

What exactly are these billion dollar plans really all about? The Orange County Register confirms that Disneyland will not construct any additional theme parks to the Anaheim location; rather a Disneyland spokesperson told the L.A. Times the plans for the extra land include more parking, office spaces, and any potential future needs around infrastructure for Disneyland.

Still with Disney buying Marvel in 2009, and then purchasing the ‘Star Wars’ franchise via their acquisition of Lucasfilms in 201; some amusement park theorists are wondering if this additional land could be used in and around the California Adventure parks and Disneyland to create some new Marvel comic book or Star Wars attractions? Anything is possible, as Disneyland has added Star Wars and Marvel elements within its parks as part of an experiment to see how well it would go over with current visitors.

Only time will tell; so all those Star Wars and Marvel enthusiasts will unfortunately have to be on standby for now. However, for those wondering what Disneyland will in fact use their newly acquired land for will not really have to wait that long: the company has confirmed that plans and constructions on this billion dollar expansion will begin as of 2017.