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Disney Rules Most People Aren’t Aware Of

Dorathy Gass

Sky’s the limit when comes to the ‘happiest place on earth’ … right? Well, not so much. MSN reported that while parents and caretakers may think they know all there is to know about the rules at Disney World and Disneyland (i.e. no weapons, large backpacks, and no smoking), below some rules, many may not be aware of.

Balloons go hand-in-hand with many a celebration at Disney, however they are a huge no-no when it comes to the Animal Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando. The biggest reason? Well, the safety of the animals of course! Not only would a potential balloon popping terrify our furry Disney friends, but if they float over to their enclosures, or the remains of a balloon enter somewhere that they can reach, and potentially are eaten, the animals could get quite sick. Straws are also not allowed in this section of Disney, as well, for the same reason.

Walk, Don’t Run:
Safety first, my friends! Which is the primary focus of the ‘no running’ rule at Disney. Although by the end of a (tiring) Disney day, many children and parents alike might appreciate this enforcement of this rule.

Age Limit For Costume-Wearing:
While the child that lives inside many adults might be saddened (and shocked) to learn this next rule, it does make a lot of sense. Disney states that only kids 14 years or under can dress up as their favorite Disney character. This is simply requested, to keep the magic alive, when it comes to the performers that entertain and excite the guests who come to Disney in the first place. If there were additional (adults) dressed up as characters, then the Disney performers would lose their effect, and confuse visitors significantly.

Folding Chairs:
Interestingly enough, folding chairs are not allowed in Disney or its theme parks. Not exactly sure of why this rule has been established, but who wants to argue with it?

Thankfully, Disney does not have a ban on all tattoos (as inked up parents can breathe a sigh of relief). But, they do have restrictions on some tattoos, mainly around inappropriateness. In fact, the rule centers around tattoos that may be considered offensive (i.e. language or image-wise), and they have to be visible ones as well.

No Selfies:
Selfie sticks were actually banned from all Disney theme parks, in late June of last year, over concerns in safety. In addition, park goers are prohibited from taking videos, while on a roller coaster.