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Disney Parks Will Now Offer Seasonal Prices

Dorathy Gass

Disney recently announced on its blog, that starting February 28th its theme parks, which includes California’s Disneyland and Florida’s Walt Disney World, will now be offering seasonal pricing. This means, they will now charge customers differing admission prices based on the time of year guests come to visit.

The new seasonal pricing will apply to one-day purchased tickets, and follow a year-round calendar that is sectioned off as: Peak, Regular, and Value times. It’s important to note, the one-day ticket price admission for the Magic Kingdom in Orlando will remain the same during Value season, at $105 for individuals 10 years of age and older; however, tickets during the Regular time period (for example, during the majority of April) will increase to $110. The price will then further increase during Peak season at $124; which includes high-traveled days at Disney Parks, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and U.S. Independence Day.

One-day admission tickets for Disney World’s other parks (Hollywood Studios, the Animal Kingdom, and Epcot) will be $114 during Peak time, $102 for Regular, and $97 for Value seasons. Alternatively, one-day passes for Disneyland will be priced at $119 for Peak season, $105 for Regular, and $95 for Value.

Disney stated it was looking for opportunities to help when it comes to spreading out visitation to its theme parks. The company also noted that demand continues to increase for their theme parks, especially during peak season. Still, the organization remains committed to exceeding expectations of all visitors. The company also stated that prices around seasonal demand will be posted for guests beforehand.

CNN advises that this seasonal pricing comes off the cusp of Disney’s recent expansion planning around popular franchises for the company, including Toy Story, Avatar, and Star Wars.