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Delta Reveals March 2016 Quarter Results

Dorathy Gass

Delta Air Lines recently revealed results of their March 2016 quarter, announcing an increase of $966 million, compared to last year at this time. They also revealed they had a $1 billion-dollar adjusted net income.
Ed Bastian, Delta’s CEO commented on the report, stating the company experienced a huge momentum at the start of 2016, noting that Delta has delivered leading operations within the industry, which included 49 days of perfect mainline completion for their clients, and reaching its goal of becoming an investment grade organization. He also noted that the quarter results prove that Delta and its people are the best in the airlines industry. He went on to say that the company will keep strengthening its foundation, and continue to work hard to be an airline that delivers the best results for their staff, owners, clients, and communities.

Breaking Travel News while the report detailed many highs, there are some lows too. Delta’s operating revenue decreased by $137 million, signifying a lowering of 1.5% from last quarter. The driving force behind this was $5 million dollars as a result of the Brussels attack, and $125 million-dollar cost around pressures from foreign currency. The revenues around passenger units decreased by 4.6% as well.

Glen Hauenstein, incoming president, stated that the company’s commercial initiatives helped Delta maintain top performance in this quarter, regardless of the 40% decrease in market fuel prices, as well as the noted $125 million from foreign currency pressure; so the company is clearly taking the good, with the bad.

Hauenstein goes on to note the company is predicting their unit revenue will decrease by about two to four percent for June’s quarter; but they will make changes to capacity levels come the fall, to ensure progress is made in this regard.