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Delta Passenger With MS Tied To A Wheelchair During Flight

Dorathy Gass

Reports has surfaced recently that Delta customer Maria Saliagas was allegedly tied to a wheelchair by airline staff during her flight. The reason? The air carrier did not have the right wheelchair on hand before taking off.

A multiple sclerosis sufferer, Saliagas was diagnosed with the illness five years ago; however, she was adamant about keeping up the tradition around her European vacation with hubby. The airline typically provides a wheelchair for her flight, with some extra straps to ensure she’s upright, yet this time around, as per her son Nathan, the airline did not fulfill the request around her special wheelchair.

The Delta flight that was headed to Amsterdam from Atlanta and took place on April 1st. While it may have seemed like an April Fools’ joke gone wrong, the airline staff tied Saliagas to a wheelchair with a dirty blanket that caused the mother and wife terrible discomfort during her flight.

Business Insider revealed that it also caused her distress and bruises. As per her son Nathan, the blanket was tied so tight, Maria was crying.

It’s being reported that Delta has offered the family 20,000 SkyMiles, post-incident; however, what the family wants is for the company to reconsider how passengers with disabilities are treated moving forward.

A spokesperson for the company provided a statement relaying that the air carrier’s perspective around the family’s flight is one that is different in details, then that relayed by the Saliagases.

The representative stated that the company is disappointed that their clients didn’t have a good travel experience and will ensure that their flight home exceeds expectation. The rep went on to say that the company always looks for way to improve their customer experience, and that their findings around the incident are not aligned with what the family has shared.

Last month, a Delta flyer stated that a customer service rep did not offer adequate communication when his pup was put on a variety of incorrect flights.