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Delta Flight Returns To Airport After Man Assaults Flight Attendant

Dorathy Gass

So many crazy airline stories hitting the travel news platform as of late, and this one coming out of Seattle is no different. A Delta Air Lines plane headed to Beijing ended up returning to its departure point after a flyer assaulted a flight attendant, this according to officials. The flight flew back to Seattle-Tacoma International when it was reported that a traveler injured a flight attendant after he assaulted her.

The man, 23 years of age, was in first class and proceeded to attack the Delta Airlines staffer approximately 45 minutes after flight 129 departed from the airport. It was reported that other flyers helped to restrain the man while the aircraft landed back to the airport. While the man’s name has not been released, he was arrested once the plane landed. The flight attendant, as well as another individual, went to the hospital after the incident.

Travelweek reported that Dustin Jones, a passenger on the flight, who was sitting behind the first-class curtains realized something was up from the get go when another crew member ran back and claimed there was a ‘Code 3’ happening. Jones also said he saw the young male being handcuffed and zip-tied, and walked through the terminal in a wheelchair upon landing. Jones claimed the man was screaming for people to help him and being overall belligerent in the middle of Sea-Tac.

The good news is, officials from the airport have reportedly contacted the FBI about the incident and it has not been classified as a nation-wide security threat. Additionally, while the entire ordeal did delay the Delta Flight it was able to take off later in the evening of the same day.

No exact information around the reasoning behind the assault. Here’s hoping that both individuals that landed in the hospital haven’t suffered too much due to the ordeal.